45-promo Forty-Five (45) is a trick-taking card game that originated in Ireland. It is played with a standard deck of 52 cards and in many regions around Ireland, the Joker card is used. I enjoy card games and played a lot of 45 growing up., so I’ve decided to attempt to write an Android app in Java, as a way to challenge myself to learn a programming language. Have been dabbling in some Javascript , XML and Python of late so Java development has fallen to the way side.

Writing on code at the moment while also working on some graphics, design and game logic. I’m working on this project part-time basis so progress is slowly chugging along. More updates will follow in the months ahead. I wish this was easy and I knew what I was doing!

PS. I’ve posted some stuff in the BLOG section as well as a rough and ready HTML5 demo at 45.monolithicgames.com. Comments/feedback welcome 🙂


Below is a mock up of a Joker card image I’m playing with.


Joker card
Joker card

Source: http://openclipart.org/detail/171568/joker-by-jakoriginal-171568 Credit to: JAKoriginal

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