Stereo versus mono

Bit of a lapse since my last post, my bad. I was doing so well!

Been catching up with a buddy in Limerick that I haven’t seen in over a year. Had a nice, relaxed and #sublime evening listening to some punk vinyls, playing guitar and a catching up. Re-discovered of albums that he used to play when we lived together in college. Man, we had some fun days. Hanging out and playing drums and jamming! Went for some ice cream and got a spin in his sweet ’77 VW beetle that he restored! Delighted for him 🙂

77-vw-beetle Anyways, this evening is stumbled upon an @theataris album, Anywhere but Here, that I used to a bit obsessed with in 5th year of college lol ( I think : / ) and I realised that I had only really ever listened to the album in MONO. marshall-vs65r-and-gibson-goldtop My Hi-Fi/speaker system packed up in final year in UL and I used to listen to music through my Marshall VS65R 65-watt amp in mono with a crappy 3.5mm to 1/4 ” jack adapter 🙁 So I listened to Four Chord Wonder through STEREO speaker and noticed parts that I never heard before!

Four Chord Wonder – The Ataris

Andre also but me onto to a few other good bands, such as Terrorgruppe (a german punk band) and Millencolin (a swedish punk band). Super busy in work these days so haven’t yet finished the clean HTML 45 working example ….hopefully I’ll have some time next week, #closebutnocigar.


>/II , , , , II ,, IIIII ”’ ‘ IIIII ‘”’ //I/ IIII ,,,,  ,,, II ///// ”’ IIII ,,, IIIII ,,, IIII<

᚛ᚋᚑᚅᚑᚂᚔᚈᚆᚔᚉ ᚌᚐᚋᚓᚄ ᚃᚑᚏᚈᚓ ᚃᚔᚃᚓ᚜

M O  N  O  L  I  T  H I C    G  A  M  E  S     F  O  R  T  E     F  I  F  E

I’ve added a new header to the site, based on an Ogham design, spelling out the above in Ogham Unicode (U1680). Unfortunately, there’s no letter ‘Y’ or ‘V’ in the Ogham alphabet, so I’ve had to substitute.  There are horizontal and vertical variations of the language. Try this Ogham translator here!


Also, working on a new ‘MG’ logo. I’m playing with the idea of a 3D cube with the ‘M’ and ‘G’ carved out of stone. The picture of a modern Ogham stone in Lifford, Co. Donegal below (which spells ‘DONEGAL CO CL’), is what gave me the idea. I’ll post up some concept work and renderings later this week.


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The Stout Chronicles

So, I’ve been quite busy of late, meeting up with some old friends for a stag/wedding (congrats again John & Chelsea!) and much stout has been drank and many ramblings have been shared. It’s got me thinking -I’d love to share some of the basic knowledge I’ve learned so far on app development, coding etc. Maybe someone will benefit in linking or providing a tutorial on how to overcome some of the noob mistakes/pitfalls I experienced.

I’m going to try and put together some steps, example, tutorials of the process of creating some simple Chrome extensions using HTML, Javascript and CSS and basic Chrome APIs (check out these tutorials I found a while back).

Doing some background stuff and preparing source material over the next week or two, so stay tuned! Might also cross-post some tech material I read too…

In other news, I’ve been listening to quite a bit for @Sum41 these days (having seen frontman, Deryck hit rock bottom). Check out the awesome video of them live in Tokyo and more from Sake Bombs and Happy Endings!