45 Chrome App


I’ve updated my Chrome packaged app for Forty Five to v0.1.5.5 and it’s available from the  Chrome webstore or on GitHub.

inplay-exI’ve updated the web demo to v0.1.5.4 (please try the Chome extension instead, as the web is mostly borked at the moment :/). You can now play cards from the player hands and pick up/exchange (rob) the trump card and there’s a score info, game info and event info areas. I’ve also given it a Material Design UI inspired makeover. This is a Work In Progress so more updates coming . . . soonish


I’ve uploaded a test copy (more or less a copy of the web app) and accepting alpha testers.


Fill out the form below if interested and as always, comments, suggestions and feedback welcome to [email protected]. Peace

I’ll be uploading some HTML and Chrome tutorials in the next few weeks too, as well as posting some source code on GitHub – https://github.com/TheMonolithX64/forty-five