Finally, some updates and progress

So it’s been a while since I’ve posted an update and a lot has been going on. I’ve been working on some HTML5 and packaged Chrome apps/extensions and scripting for the last few months, but as usual, I got a little distracted and took a bit of a hiatus.

I’ve updated the website theme and I’ll *try* to make some basic improvements and generate some further content. This teaching yourself to code, while working and having a life/family is pretty difficult, but rewarding. I have a basic HTML 45  now (not pretty but great to finally see code doing something), so I’ll try to clean it up and get some feedback on it.

After a bit of a coding break, I’ll attempt to get some momentum going over the next few weeks. May also try and post some further ramblings/tutorials on my process and journey of development while trying to grasp new and ever evolving web technologies and open-source.

Check out some interesting stuff coming out of FabLab Limerick, with 3d printing, laser cutter and CNC.

I’ve linked in some promo/initial concept artwork, that was sort of thrown together.

Feedback/comments welcome


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