More 45 artwork in progress

Wow, two content updates in quick succession, must try and keep his momentum up! Anyway, here’s another promo image for a slash screen for the 45 app. Basic concept stuff to start generating content.


I’ve been working on generating the card images for the game and I was blown away by the SVG image format for scalability and small file size. PNG images do fine so been exporting/converting the deck of SVGs to PNG (Photoshop keyboard shortcuts are your friend!), so I’m nearly finished that so I won’t have to do it again. Opting for PNGs in the interim, while I suss out SVG libraries for Android.

Joker card -PNG format


Joker card -SVG format (hosted on Drive due to WordPress limitation). Open the files natively in Chrome and ‘CTRL’ and ‘+’ to zoom in.

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